Drummer James Bradley Jr. Looks like the very spirit of the sideman - brow intent, eyes unsmiling, face masked in hazy boredom. When Los Angeles television station KTLA signed him to a 26-week contract last month, no one was surprised: Bradley is an exceptional drummer. He can play three-beat rhythms with one hand while he plays four-beat with the other. He can switch hands instantly to travel from the bone-dry clatter of the wood block to the rich depth of the snare. He can embark on one beat, switch to another, then return to the original with-out a hitch. He never misses a rim shot, and his timing is faultless. What is more, James Bradley Jr. is only four.

Time Magazine


"Crazy Town's James Bradley Jr., when you take a trip from the 70's goodtime Jazzman Chuck Mangione to Millenial Rock-Rappers Crazy Town. You've got one heck of a Tale to Tell

Modern Drummer Magazine

"The Career of James Bradley Jr. is like that of a perpetual Phoenix rising from the ashes of countless bands and gigs to reach new pinnales of success each time out."

Modern Drummer Magazine









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